Our Story

Heritage Community Foundation (HCF) was founded by Leonard Moreland, President and CEO of Heritage Bank. Leonard had watched local community banks fail one after another, until there was just one local community bank left to serve the south metro—Heritage Bank. He also saw our local nonprofits, which had many needs but few resources, struggling to find funding in the same down economy. That’s when he decided to create the Heritage Community Foundation.

HCF is designed to support Heritage Bank’s first mission, “Committed to those we serve,” by helping nonprofits in our community. Heritage Bank will absorb all of the operating costs of the foundation, so that 100% of the funds raised will go directly to community needs. The Board of Directors will consist of Heritage Bank employees representing all areas of the bank. The employees of the bank are the primary contributors to the foundation. Our employees will truly be trying to impact our community in an amazing and positive way.