Our Mission, Purpose, Vision, and Values

Mission (The task with which we charge ourselves)

The Heritage Community Foundation (HCF) aims to provide financial and leadership support within the community through a combination of efforts from individuals, local businesses and other community leaders. By doing so, HCF assists those qualified nonprofits within our service community that have methods to provide good works and support to those truly in need. As ambassadors to the community, HCF pledges a commitment to serving through a tradition of excellence.

Our Core Purpose rests upon:

  • The belief that good can be accomplished through the coordinated acts and engagement of many.
  • The need to harness limited resources – our resources and the resources of others – in pursuit of significant demonstrable accomplishments.
  • Bringing community leaders and others together to address social and regional challenges.

Vision (The future to which we aspire)

  • Leadership

We will provide our own leadership for change and we will help develop leadership capabilities among organizations working for similar change.

  • Enlisting Others

To ensure success, we will connect the needs of our service area to the interests and resources of our donors, our supporters and of organizations working for change in our region.

Values (The principles we hold most dear)

  • Integrity

We will adhere firmly to a moral code, to a sense of decency and to a goal of the highest ethical standards. Of equal importance, we are bound by a sense of responsibility and accountability for producing visible, tangible and measurable results.

  • Service

We are responsive to requests and through proactive anticipation of needs. We provide professional, excellent service to all of our constituents – donors, supporters, grantees, partners, and internal and external colleagues.

  • Hope

We consistently carry the message of realistic hope in order to fuel the aspirations of those working for change and in order to convert bystanders into engaged individuals.